1. Laurie Mix

    Great job on getting your studio up and running, Anthony! We appreciate the information that you shared in this blog and look forward to your upcoming blogs! 🙂
    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!
    Kevin and Laurie

  2. Anthony A. Kung

    Thanks for the blog. I’ve only recently come on board and am watching/hearing this communication online for the first time and it shows that you truly want us to start earning money so that you can start earning money too! I was also on the call last Thursday which I think is a great way to stay in touch with those of us who wants to learn. Thank you!

  3. Bradd Lasch

    Most Excellent.

    I am excited about your new studio. Impressive.

    Also … I would like to explore your course more closely to see if it is a fit for me.

  4. Rasheedah Ali

    The Information you supplied helps me with my business and I do feel I can be sucussful it wil take me a long way following your lead. Thank you for taking the time to provide this infomation

  5. Joyce Farr

    Always enjoy the teaching. Looking forward to September 4 2010 for upgrades..May join the hosting program then. Hope I am ready.

  6. Anita McVeigh

    I’m just starting to learn this program and the material provided, but so far I’m impressed!
    Love the idea of a weekly video. Its kinda’ like having your own coach

  7. Doris Franklin

    Thanks for this blog. It’s great to have a formula to help us get going. This is my 1st time blogging with you. Keep up the good work. It is helping a lot.

  8. Jarling Deng

    Thanks Anthony,
    Will follow the instruction and the email you sent out.

  9. Craig Hemond

    Anthony, thanks for keeping it simple and making it positive! Every time I watch any of your videos it gets me motivated because you make it seem so easy and your always upbeat!

  10. noel inniss

    Im looking forward to learning your formulas and changing my life forever thanks.

  11. Joanie

    Thanks, Anthony
    Great Information! Very nice studio for our training sessions.

  12. Eva

    Thanks for your Success Formula summary. Maybe each of 3 steps could
    be detailed in upcoming weekly blogs?

    You’re obviously working very hard to help us succeed. We’re grateful to have a coach and partner like you. Number One!

  13. dave kennedy

    Thanks for the tips I’m really trying to understand the industry also which will bring the confidence level up because I will know what exactly it is that I’m doing.

  14. Jesus Olvera

    Congratulations! Great looking studio.
    Anthony, perhaps in a future session you can go into a little more detail regarding point#2 Target Audience for all of us newbies. Can you show us exactly how it is that we are to market to the correct audience. For example, take beauty products. These of course are mainly for women, and I would say in the ages between 20 yrs and 35 yrs ( I know, I know, some older women like to look beautiful too). So how exactly can we reach this target audience. So if you can, take any of the products, your choice, and show us how to reach the target audience. Do you have differenct websites, different marketing schemes, etc.
    Thanks in advance,

  15. Tara

    I’m trying to get started in this business. Thanks a lot for all the information and making it easy to follow. I have tried many online businesses and I have to say that so far your program is easy to follow and I can see that this will work because I have you to help keep me motivated.

    Thank you Anthony!

  16. James Cummings

    Super STUFF! Looking forward to the future info we need to know.

  17. Shelli Davis

    Thank you for making your delivery down to earth – I enjoy your forum very much. You help make the learning fun too – even in your books!

  18. Sylvain

    I Tell you my friend. I am 20 years old, with alot of commen sense and look foward to having a long , and prosper life , And have bought and read both books. You have developed something in life that is remarkable and honestly cannot wait for it to change my life. Everything that you say in ur books is honest, straight to the point, and alot of commen sense. These proven strategic formula are direct. All these videos keep me motivated to succeed with the system and will be starting up very shortly. wish had a way to keep you posted along my journey , would love to share it with you all. Thanks

  19. wanda J.

    mr. morrison
    this is great!! I’m new to the team and I’m excited.
    I’ve Looked into may kinds of home base busniess and this one offers a real highway to sucess with infomation that will walk you althe way though
    your a real person.

  20. Piorello Rimando

    I am going to the Philippines next month and I want to share this to my sons and daughter. Can I do this. Also can I register my business in the Philippines. Or put this in my son’s name.

  21. ken hunter

    Anthony,Thanks again,I’m still learing a lot from all of your lessons as I have been folling you fo over two years.And I enjoy learing from your blog videos and I like your new studio setup.Keep it coming.

  22. Jenna and Carl Sauter

    LOVE your new studio, Anthony! I appreciate you taking the time to remind us of some very important cornerstones to affiliate marketing. I’m already looking forward to your next video blog! Well done!

  23. Debora Booth


    I am so excited. I’m just getting started and really appreciate your savvy tips!

    I was on the call last week and am now am a member of the Marketing Success Academy! My first call with my Advisor is in 10 minutes!

    Thank you for expanding your horizons. I had heard about Affiliate Marketing about four months ago and knew I wanted to move in this direction, when I saw your infomercial, everything came together.

    All my best to you,
    Debora (Deb-rah)

  24. jason

    good stuff,
    thanks anthony, its info like this that helps keep me motivated.

  25. Julia

    Thank you for all the time you give us to keep the motivation! Always good information.

  26. Liz Patterson

    Thanks for the information Anthony…..Its like you read my mind because I’ve struggling with this this for a long time but not any more Muah

  27. Rick

    Thanks Anthony, I like these informative videos. I am also enjoying the course, it really helps in the process.

  28. debbie

    Hi Anthony

    You are well informed and I like your formula for success.
    Although, I am a strong believer when living in a small communiy, word of mouth can also travel onto the internet through a positive experience from your customer/ clients. This is just a positive tip from the old school.

  29. Gloria


    In the future will you offer (affordable) training on how others can market to business in their alocal areas? I live in a large metropolitan city and would love to learn the details on how I can lhelp ocal business with mobile marketing to help build their customer base. However, while i have gained a lot of knowldege on internet marketing, I am not sure I know how to get started.


  30. tonia

    hi anthony
    i love the weekly blog please send more it is very educational and you sure motivated me to the level. i’m so glad i’ve learning to run my business on my own. thank you so much teaching me to stay motivated.

  31. Albert

    Thanks for the tips. They are very important to each of us in our new venture. Look forward to upcoming blogs.

  32. Steven Harris

    Hello Anthony,
    Thanks for the blog. This is the same way, I taught technical information to students for the Air Force. It is more helpful to the student and provides them an avenue for asking questions and giving more productive feedback.
    Unfortunately, this was the first meeting, that I’ve been able to attend.
    My schedule is so busy that I’ve not been able to study the online lessons either. I sell clothing items on Ebay. I’d like to target the medical career field with my scrub uniforms. My wife and I also run a non-profit cat rescue organization in Northern Utah. We’ve been trying to get our tax- empt status for two years. Our finances get used up caring for the animals.
    I need to improve our finances and also reach a larger audience to find homes for the abandon cats. We have a site on twitter and

    1. What would you suggest I do to improve my business’s effectiveness?

    2.Also can other products be added to my affiliate site. I have had people suggest sports memorbilia from professional football team items to billard products. Have you had sucess with these products?

    Thanks for your support and cooperation. Have a good day!

  33. Vivian McQueen


    I’ve kept all of your email communications in a folder & today I have been reviewing them all. I enjoyed this blog & teaching lesson – Thank You!

    You’re looking good in your new studio & very businesslike. You’re sharing so much knowledge with all affiliates to encourage growth & confidence. You’re to be commended. Respectfully…..Vivian

  34. Rhonda Heumiller

    Hello Anthony,
    I just started with your program and am quite overwhelmed. Every time I read your book and e mails as well as listen to your calls I get very excited and get to working harder on getting this going. I know it takes money to make money I just hope it doesn’t take a lot cause I have very little. But I am going to do the best I can to make this happen for me because I really need it.
    Thank you for being there to help us all.

  35. John

    Hello Anthony,

    Thanks again for your effort in providing this information, and helping us to understand the importance of staying focused, and to apply what we are learning from you.

    Good work on your new studio!

  36. Ollie Harrell

    Hi Anthony,
    The weekly blog was great, anytime I learn something new it gives me the confidence to push forward and go after my goals. You actually help me to differentiate between advertising on search engines and advertising through social media. Now I know where to go in order to be affective when advertising.
    Thank You Anthony,
    Ollie Harrell

  37. Carol Kroll


    Can you help with doing the e-mail marketing from your site not sure how to do that and need some help


  38. Carrie Gregory

    I want to follow your Formular of writing effective ads that will capture the attention of my target audience; while placing the ads on the Right platform… I can hardly wait for the next session.

  39. Russell Carlson

    Hi Anthony, I have been doing this on my ad campaigns, it seems to work. I need to optimize my ads more I think, so I don’t have people clicking on them that are not real going to buy. I need to learn more about using negitive keywords, can you do a blog on that? Thanks again.

  40. rodrigo echon

    Hi Anthony,

    I have just started my business withyou and I am motivated with your blog.I want to have a weekly blog to give more informations about our business. I will be motivated and focus on our business.

    thank you,

  41. Lamar Bryant, Jr.

    Hi, Tony.

    This Blog was very helpful. It learned that I might be advertising the wrong types of ads in the wrong places. Now I know. Lead Ads for Social Networks. Purchase Ads for Search Engines. Got it. Thanks.

    – LBJ –

  42. Tony Festa

    Hey Anthony Your blob #33 is geat , it hit the nail on the head ,and thats all of us that have just joined your program . You can nail us on the head till we get it thanks Tony

  43. Lowell K

    Anthony, You have given me…what I think most people are seeking when they are eerie about starting a business by themselves… is Permission. Permission to take a chance and have a leap of faith, permission to pursue my own goals, permission to be who you want to be and it’s O..K!! Thanks for these weekly blog videos, they keep me on track, and focused on why I’m on here. THANKS!

  44. Max & Marilyn Haskins

    Is there a place to go to see all the Blogs that you have posted in the past? We are just starting up and would love to see the Blogs that you have already posted for more information. We are very excited about this and hope to do well in the near future. All help appreciated.

  45. Kay

    Thank you Anthony for more information. I keep notes on all of your blogs, in numerical order with the title. This way I can go back and review. Nice location.

  46. Audrey Kroll

    Hi Anthony, Love your weekly blogs. It is great to learn from someone who proves affluence and success can be obtained thru methods using integrity.

  47. Madeline

    I don’t have my wesite yet. I am beginning to see the light. I am going thru all your information. I will call that number you gave me soon for the coaching help. Thank you for getting me started.

  48. Joshua Zamora

    Great video Anthony and great Formula!

    Quick, short and to the point!
    Very easy to implement as well. 8)

  49. Amber McAlister

    Thank you Anthony,
    Informative Teaching Blogs are so useful for beginners like me.
    The reminder of certain tools about advertising and marketing
    has a way of alerting the mind into seeing how this tool is benificial in
    all phases of life — just by knowing what people want.

  50. chris villarreal

    very imformative just getting started and have been doing everything by,this blog site is very helpful to me as well as others in my situation.

  51. Christine

    Thank you that boosted my confidance today. Been so down like everyone else is about money. We all have bills to pay to keep our roofs over our head.. Going to start reading your books and your new background is a great idea. It gave me some great ideas for my website it is missing a great ad for it.
    Thank you.

  52. Tim Davidson

    Thanks Anthony, that gave me a better idea where to advertise what I have. Selling stuff (search Engine), Free trials or freebies (social media platform). That helped allot, maybe that’s why I have not gotten the clicks I was looking for. TimmyGD

  53. Selina

    Anthony Thanks for keeping it real!
    Advertising with your three steps,
    Will get us going. Three steps closer.
    You sure are springing us forward!

  54. Abe Doliente

    Thank you so much Anthony for your Weekly Blog # 33. Even though this was done last year you seem to know what I need. The 3 items in your formula for your seccess in advertising are very helpful to me. For the first two, I don’t have any problem. For item no 3 (right platform) I am still trying to make myself getting used to it. I only started advertising on the middle of February.

    I had a slow start last February, but things have picked up a little bit last Month. With the knowledge that I have acquired with all your blogs, messages and emails plus your two books,, I am more determined to do whatever I can in order to succeed.

    Again, I thank you so much. May God Bless you and your family.


  55. velma hall

    Anthony, Thanks a lot for this blog . This one i really understood. ow i’m gonna get busy and work on writing an ad..Thank u so much for this information. velma

  56. velma hall

    Anthony, Thanks a lot for this blog . This one i really understood. now i’m gonna get busy and work on writing an ad..Thank u so much for this information. velma

  57. David McGaughy

    Hey Anthony, the studio looks great. this blog is nicely done simple formula and yet provenly affective. Thanks for the info.David McGaughy

  58. Curt Stiede

    Hello Mr. Morrison; Your video was put together very well. In a way I can understand. I did get a lot out of it. I am kind of starting over from stage one. my health is a bit better than normally! I am now getting excited all over again. There are things in my life, I desperately need, “this can make it happen.” Thanks Curt Stiede, MT..

  59. Carl Shiffer

    Greetings Anthony,

    Thank you for sharing your success formula with me on your weekly blog. It all makes good sense to me. I am a new student of yours and just received my start-up package today in the mail. I will start the course on Sunday.

  60. Charlote Jackson

    Thank you Anthony for the simplified tips presented on a level that almost anyone can understand in any form of marketing. I love the fact that it is concise and informative which helped maintain my interest. I am eager to see and hear more…….

  61. dianna greene

    i would like some software on how to get started but i dont know about how to start

  62. Ramon-DC

    Thanks for the Heads Up,an actual reminder! The reminder for me is what makes me buy or even search out a purchase?

    A) exposure, travel, input from other people

    B) general conversation, listening to the other people; young and old

    C) Practice what you preach

  63. Katie Figueroa

    This was to the point, and power packed with great information. Thanks!

  64. Kathryn Mann

    Thank you for another helpful and informative blog. I am just starting you program, and trying to learn as much as I can.

  65. Jos Allen

    Hey awesome tips! I’ll definitely keep those into consideration in my future business’ to come. Oh I couldn’t help but notice also that your left handed but wear your watch on your strong hand, are you Ambidextrous? Thanks for all the help!

  66. Kathleen Beller

    I have another week of setup work and then I will be putting together advertising campaigns. Thank you for your continued support and patience.
    From Stanley and Kathleen Beller

  67. lana dageford

    Youor blogs are always helpful and informative. Your positive attitude is infectious.

    Thanks you always keep me stoked and learning

  68. Dorothy Derr

    Hello Anthony – Thanks for all your help. You are a sincere, ethical person and I know I can learn what I need to know from you. I’m working with Google Adwords right now and trying to promote some of the businesses on the
    Affiliate Marketing Website. Google has many different rules but I am learning.
    I hope you will be adding more businesses to the website soon.
    Have a Great Day!
    Dorothy Derr



    Your fomular is more than helpful.
    They make me stronger and more hopeful.
    I will remember you in my prayers.


    John A. Fontem

  70. Debbie Askew

    Thanks for keeping me motivated. Being a newbie to your program I need all the help I can get and you keep it clear and easy to understand. Looking forward to really digging in learning how to change my life.

  71. Jimmy Johnson Jr

    These 3 things are exactly what I needed to put this puzzle together

  72. Fred Haney

    Thank you Anthony

    This blog was very informative. Keep them coming, I’ve heard lots of great tips.
    Thank you
    Fred Haney

  73. Kaye Hutton

    Thanks, Anthony. I added that to my notes and will try an impliment it into my ad posting. I need all the heip I can get and do truly appreciate you
    sharing with us to make us successful.

  74. Carol Isenhower

    Thank you Anthony!!! As always your videos are informative!!! I’m on board with your program and learning alot from a awesome mentor!!! Thank you again!!!

  75. Colleen DeVoll

    I have save every one of your emails, so i have something to fall back on,
    Glad you got your studio up and running, great job. I do alot of fishing my self
    so i can

  76. Julie paulvin

    Its my pleasure to be in your studio to night.It’s very nice and thank you to shair all information with us.

  77. Gary

    Very effective studio, Anthony. We can look forward to “seeing” you in some exotic “locations” with the green screen. Wonderful, simple tips in a short presentation very good for me, my brain is about full up with all I am learning. Keep the tips and videos coming . . .

  78. Carol Isenhower

    Thanks Anthony,

    Everything you teach us makes sense. Take care and have a wonderful and exciting week!!!

  79. James Kahalewai

    Anthony……..Replies to blog #33 dates frm 8/30/10 to 7/12/11. I really appreciate every blog and teaching material you have to offer. This blog is very helpful to me as soon as I have all the pieces put together. One month has gone by and I’m studying and trying to absorb all your material. I like to be on FIRM GROUND when I start my affiliate business. Making money can follow after.

    PS……Has any of material to blog #33 been outdated? Thanks…Jimmy K.

  80. Kathy

    Thanks Anthony! Always great information. Keep it coming and thanks for not giving up on me! 🙂

  81. Patricia Birren-Wilsey

    I appreciate your professionalism in staying with us, your networkers, by way of upbeat, continuous instruction. I religiously view your videos, as they arrive, and take written notes. Your haircut looks great, by the way!

  82. sharon siemens

    It was helpful. But, I am still listening to video’s. I wish I could listen much more. Since I haven’t started yet. I don’t have enough money to pay bills.
    Had to fix the toilet and now am short in money paying bills. Have to work more my other job.


  83. Bill Lock Jr

    Hey Anthony, the studio looks great. this blog is nicely done simple formula. There is never a good day?

  84. Sandra Bee

    Thanks for the info! I love your weekly blogs, you are very generous with tips and training!

  85. Tristan Johnson

    Anthony I like this blog, its so helpful man.

    Keep up the good work, you are durimh.

  86. Sheila Perry

    I am always eager to learn something new, out of my comfort zone. Thank you for your informative weekly teachings.

  87. Larry Fennelly

    I was computer stupid as far as internet marketing and the web in general. I work 60+ hrs a week and grab whatever time I can to study. I have learned so much in the last 8 weeks. I have not been through all the discs, I’m working through the PMI classroom, and I take alot of notes. Keep all your help, info and support coming. Much appreciated.

  88. Joyce Knake

    Hi Anthony,
    My suggestion on targeting the market and I know you would do this as well is to narrow down your target to age groups. For example if I’m selling kitchen ware I would want to target the age group that would be in the kitchen or the home makers that are doing the cooking.
    Enjoy your blogs, etc. Always learning something new or reaffirming something that I may have forgotten about.

  89. Mary W.

    Hi Anthony, I really enjoyed your blog and the formula you have for placing an ad successfully. I am not sure how to make an ad stand out though – how would that be done. Silly question maybe. I do make notes when I listen to these hopefully will use the information. Thank you for all the help.

  90. errol

    Thank you Anthony I am very excited I am new to your program want to be successful. Need a little more money but that will come .thank you

  91. josejservin

    anthony thanks again i am still learning from your.
    lessons. i am interested to learn about affiliate as well as.
    email marketing,

  92. Greer

    I really liked this explanation of your formula for success. The breakdown you gave of the 3rd point…Advertise on the right platform opened my eyes to a totally different perspective for advertising. Thank you!

  93. kim

    iwould love to try your system i just wish i had the money its been hard the last few years and your system seem to be honest and very workable im greatful to you for helpin those who can afford the system and helpin them get there dreams come true

  94. James Johnson

    hi once agen Anthony, yes I like this! It’s helpful info.So target the right people at the right place and the right time!
    Thankd Anthonys!

  95. Donnie Simmons

    …just getting my feet wet in this new-world (for me at least) marketing opportunity; this blog was as real & as succinct as it gets.

  96. Margie

    Hi Anthony

    Thanks for the three steps you shared with us. Really helpful and informative

  97. Chrissie Burks

    Awsome Anthony,
    I so enjoy how you connect with your friends, you are truly a special person. Here I had to back away for a while because, I didn’t have the time or money to keep going. But you Anthony keep in touch with me with encouragement to give it another try. However, I still have to wait until June 22, my last day of school. I want to thank you for really caring. Your blog this week was awesome and made plenty of since.
    Thank again,

  98. Eugene Cowart

    Hi Anthony
    Thanks for the information on where to put ads..It is smart to know
    this is where the money is..The more you send to us the more we learn, My
    mother told me that knowledge is something that nobody can never
    take away from you ,so I am taking as munch knowledge as I can to
    learn from you, so maybe one day I can have just a little money
    in my pocket ,so my ears are open and i’m taken in as munch as
    as possible
    Thanks Eugene

  99. Brad Stanley

    Thank you for your positive and excited presentations on these videos. I make sure i listen and watch them on my break at work to help me be informed and inspired in working with your system. I have been very impressed with you and your insights. I wish these videos were longer because I believe you have great knowledge in this business and love how you present it to all of us. Thank you again, maybe one of your prizes would be to come to your studio/office and be at your presentation one day. Take care my friend!

  100. Muriel

    Liked your new studio! Most informative especially for a starter such as myself. Look forward to the weekly blogs cause I always learn something new. Thanks Anthony!

  101. Melody

    Hi Anthony, Great video blog & very informative. The training is greatly appreciated. As long as you have the right formula anyone can be successful. You must also stay consistant. Having the right ad copy & advertising in the right places always helps also. Choose succes. Great video blog & great looking studio. Thanks Anthony.

  102. James Nicholson

    -Well written!!!
    -Very informative
    I need more of that kind of stuff.

  103. Joe Bosch

    Excellent direction. The key word is “focus.” Now, it’s what are folks interested in and how do I decide and find them?

    You mentioned travel for summer. How much is seasonal and how much is out there all the time? ie: Easter baskets as opposed to pet food, etc. ??

    This is a break thru for me.


  104. FRANCI

    ….IN the Land of Retail, however presented, there are buyers and sellers. I am a Shopper….I love to shop…and I love to compare products, read reviews, write reviews and once in awhile regret a purchase on impulse. The beauty of the Internet is, at any given moment, you can “Go*$hopping”, for just about anything…and….whether you like it or not, will be presented with offers and promotions. Sometimes the offers are really cool and I may buy, because I like what’s being offered. I think selective buying is what most people do, regardless of how it’s presented. Impulse buying,on the other hand,is created out of emotion. If, a seller creates a feeling of a ambiance with an ad or offer, the likelihood of a sale is much better. From what I have been learning across the board is, that it’s better to promote something you Believe in, hence, your presentation will rock because you put your creative energy into it. Analogy of this might be, going out to dinner. The dressing for dinner, arriving at the restaurant,settling in, reading the menu….and soooo on. Hopefully, your meal and experience rocked. Was it everything the commercial or ad promised? How it all ends, is up to the buyer. Because buyers want to feel they got their moneys worth, they will buy into the fantasy of the Awesome View restaurant with delicious high priced fare, sitting near the roaring fire,living The Life…Create the fantasy, create the sale. Seems Simple. Sellers, on the other hand, may pop products out there and hope for a sale. So, from what I get from all of this, is that the possibilities are endless. So, why not incorporate what you love to do with the type of advertising best suited for your goals. Its better to enjoy what you do and make money at it…than to be miserable and not make any money. OK…these are my thoughts. Learning about new things is awesome! I truly hope everyone has a Blessed Day. Ciao 4 now. *_*

  105. Michael Furth

    Dear Anthony:

    I am glad for you that you have success. I look at a picture of you and I see a sincere person. If you need assistance of any kind, even though I cannot give you financial assistance, I can still give you financial advice. I am 56 years old and have been around the block several times. My knowledge comes from experience. I can teach you things that not even you can teach yourself. Ask me a question and I will give you the correct answer. My knowledge comes from learning from God and asking him for answers and nobody is wiser than him.


  106. Debbie Sundholm

    Anthony your haircut & button down shirt becomes YOU!:D I have a job interview this week. I will put your teaching into action to advertise once I’m back to work:D THANK YOU ALWAYS

  107. Steve

    I enjoy your teaching. Keep up the good work. Great Studio. Do you have a list of good advertising sites other than the Social Networks that a person can advertise on?

    Thanks Steve

  108. Ronnie Johnson

    ok I knew a lot of this I just dont know how to put it all together I have a webenar and a click bank set up but where you put in your e mail for the webenar to get back to ????

  109. Bill Munro


    You and your team did an awesome job on your studio. Your formula
    makes perfect sense. I look forward to hearing more & getting on to
    your Live Training this Thursday.

    To Our Success,

    Bill Munro

  110. Edmund Prouty

    Hello Anthony,
    Very Good Presentation, this makes a lot of sense Anthony just wanted you to know I have been looking for you on Google+ will be sending an email soon.
    Thanks a lot Anthony
    I Hope You Have a GREAT DAY!

  111. El Dee James

    Great information. Everything you teach always makes so much sense. Thanks again.

  112. michael yowman

    thanks for the blog Anthony, looking forward. starting over from the beginning again taking baby steps.

  113. Ann Parrish

    Vwry simple formula that will work every time. I have been reading your book Advertising from home and those common sense marketing ideas are so clearly presented so everyone can be successful.
    Ann Parrish

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